Smashing Pumpkins: Review and Photos from Blue Hills Bank Pavilion in Boston


Smashing Pumpkins: Live at Blue Hills Bank Pavilion in Boston. 7-28-2015

Review and Photos by Rob Watts.    Follow Me on Twitter @RobWattsOnline

First there was the acoustic pre-show, where Pumpkins founder and frontman Billy Corgan laid down three beautiful renditions of Purr Snickerty, Perfect and Dorian (the latter two accompanied by guitarist Jeff Schroeder.)   Followed by a Q and A between Corgan and the 17 of us in front of him. Corgan was in relaxed form and very gracious to the various fans and media professionals seated in front of him. No question was off limits as he gave explanations in his sometimes long-winded yet informative manner. As he’d made mention of his 25 years of coming through Boston, I’d asked him what his fondest memory of playing in Boston over the years. He told me it was an early performance at the tiny Cambridge, MA club called T.T The Bears Place, where the temperature was so intense, he poured a bucket of water over his head on stage. 

Later in the evening, as the Pumpkins took to the stage for their full-length show, they leveled the crowd with Cherub Rock, followed by Bullet with Butterfly Wings and Tonight,  Tonight. Little on stage banter was shared with the audience, but rather a full-blown rock show filled to the brim with Smashing Pumpkin classics, something that dedicated fans haven’t heard played on stage in quite some time. Aside from Drum and Fife, One and All and Run2Me from their well-received Monuments to an Elegy album, the rest of the set played like a greatest hits album. From Ava Adore to Zero to Disarm, the band aimed to please with this rare live glimpse of the band’s yesteryear. As predicted, once 1979 was performed, many fans walked off and called it a night. As Corgan announced that since the fair weather fans and posers had left, they would continue on stage with some hard rockers, as was evident with the thunderous United States from the album Zeitgeist and Stand Inside Your Love from Machina

Adding to the excitement of the rock-solid performance was the inclusion of original drummer Jimmy Chamberlin who fit right back in behind the skins as if he’d never left. Complimenting his backbone beat was the inclusion of bassist Jack Bates, son of legendary New Order and Joy Division bassist Peter Hook. He fit in very well and added an element of style and coolness on stage. The band ended the show with an encore of Today, which ended the party nicely. 



Billy Corgan and Jeff Schroeder

Bassist Jack Bates

Marilyn Manson: Review and Photos from Blue Hills Bank Pavilion! 


Marilyn Manson, Boston 7-28-15

Marilyn Manson: Live in Boston at Blue Hills Bank Pavilion July 28. 2015

Review and Photos by Rob Watts    Follow me on Twitter @RobWattsOnline 

Just over twenty years into his illustrious and controversial career, legions of dedicated and adoring fans stood loud and proud as Manson and his band took to the darkened and ominous stage. It was a thunderous entry as the band and frontman ripped into Deep Six from his recent studio effort The Pale Impaler. The clarity in the musicianship was apparent immediately as his band’s performance, especially Twiggy’s bass playing, was crystal clear and extremely tight. Manson, unlike many shows in the past, was in top form and highly active on stage as he moved on to Disposable Teens and mOBSENE. Highly animated, Manson engaged along with the crowd, especially the young females in close proximity. Obliged to perform the crowd pleasing covers Sweet Dreams (are made of this) and Personal Jesus, the band continued on with stellar originals such as No Reflection, Rock is Dead and The Dope Show. Theatrically, it was an amazingly visual set, although it was the same bag of tricks; the altar and burning bible, the crucifix, the stilts and so on. The set ended with the well-loved The Beautiful People, and Coma White was performed beautifully as an encore. So what you will, Manson still has it and brought it with him to Boston!  


The Altar



Shame on these Price Gougers on Amazon! 


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  Rob, The Author

The Crooked Roads through Cedar Grove w/ CD Soundtrack and 5″ Vinyl Record

A few pictures from The New England Author Expo! 

Behind My Table w/ The Crooked Roads through Cedar Grove and my other books.

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I signed books this week at the 2015 New England Author Expo in Danvers, Massachusetts. A fun time was had by me and many of the other authors and illustrators in attendance. Couldn’t make it out? That’s okay, my latest novel The Crooked Roads through Cedar Grove is available here, signed and sent out to your mailbox in a matter of a few days. Hope to see you at a future book signing! 


With friend Tanya Gold from Tanya Gold Editing

with friend and author Stacey Longo

Danversport Yacht Club