Rob Watts 2015
Rob Watts 2015
Rob Watts is the founder and owner of Ocean View Press, an independent publishing company based in Boston, Massachusetts. He’s the author of the 2015 novel The Crooked Roads through Cedar Grove, as well as the previous novellas Left-Hand Path (2014), CRABAPPLES (2013) and Huldufolk (2011.)
He’s the co-founder of Waunders Children’s Books, which was created in 2013 with author Susan Saunders.
He’s a partner (since 2002) of The Stainless Guys, a business based in Boston, which designs and builds high-end residential custom stainless steel products, such as countertops, vent hoods, fireplace surrounds and so on. The Stainless Guys have been serving New England’s celebrity and business elite since 1995.
Watts has recorded accompanying music soundtracks for his books, including the most recent The Crooked Roads through Cedar Grove, as well as Ambrose Chapel (2014), CRABAPPLES (2013) and The Traffic Lights (2011.)
He currently resides in Boston and divides his time between his hometown, Dennis Port, MA and Mountain Lakes, NJ.
Learn More and Visit RobWattsOnline.com

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