Nika Cantabile: Hotaru’s Road | Review

Nika Cantabile: Hotaru’s Road

Review by Rob Watts    @RobWattsOnline

Nika Cantabile’s debut album, Hotaru’s Road, is a truly epic fantasy-journey which takes the listener into a world of romance, adventure and fairy-tales. The music—which is the soundtrack to the story “Hotaru’s Road”, is wonderfully produced, beautifully performed and perfectly paired with Cantabile’s illustrated story of elves, villians, romance and mystical landscapes (available as a Deluxe Edition.) Much like Cantabile’s Moonlight Carnival e.p. release a few years ago, Hotaru’s Road possesses the same trance-inducing chords and melodys, however, this time around, her music has matured with a sense of purpose—aligning her compositions to her illustrated passion project, giving each scene a piece of her soul, modulated and brought to life through her encapsulating violin performances. It’s definitely a triumph and well-worth a listen. Your ears will thank you! 

Download Hotaru’s Road on iTunes.  Listen on Spotify

Visit Nika’s Website


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