Stills from the scrapped Crooked Roads comic book project. 

Stills from the scrapped Crooked Roads comic book project.

By Rob Watts     @RobWattsOnline

As we edge closer to the release date for the paperback edition of The Crooked Roads through Cedar Grove, I’m looking back at some material I have stored for the once-planned comic book that was to accompany the hardcover edition of my novel. The Crooked Roads, a multidisciplinary project which contained the hardcover novel, a soundtrack on CD—composed by yours truly, book trailers and a mini vinyl single, was to include a mini comic book, however, time was receding and the release date was firm. As this was a self-produced and self-financed effort, adding further production costs would have diminished any chance of recouping my investment. I like to keep costs low for the buying public and it had been decided that one more addition would prove to be too costly. In the end, the special edition sold out of its initial run of 200 copies since it was released in June of 2015. If you missed out and would like to order your copy of the paperback edition with a reimagined cover, you can do so right here. 

The following are some images that were to be included in the comic book. They look pretty cool and it’s a shame this part of the project never came to fruition, but I’m happy to be able to share some of them here. Enjoy. 



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