La Tragédie: Live in Cambridge, MA

La Tragédie: Live in Cambridge, MA

Out of the Blue Gallery / March 3, 2016

By Rob Watts

Not too long ago, I’d written a review on Moonlight Carnival, a four-track fantasy violin composition by my friend, Nika Cantabile. When I was told that she’d be touring the United States with her band La Tragédie, I made certain that I’d be around to catch their performance. I’d listened to the French-Canadian Folk Rock band’s latest album, À toi de voir, a few times since its release back in December and I’d found it highly enjoyable—strong hooks and melodies, solid production and a harmonious blend of each member’s instrumentation. Needless to say, I was excited to hear (and see) these songs performed in front of me. 

The trio (sans drummer) took the stage at roughly 9:45 in the evening in front of a respectable sized audience. For the next 30 minutes, the Montreal-based band performed to an enthusiastic room full of live music goers and won them over with their solid performing skills—and they didn’t seem to mind that all of the song lyrics are in French. David Atman (Vox / Guitar) is a very engaging frontman and Stella guitarist. Simon Labrecque plays a terrifically tight bass line throughout the set and Nika Cantabile performs the most captivating and often hypnotizing violin—especially within the context of a rock band. They most definitely made new fans that evening as they were approached by many at their merch table after the set. If you get the chance, do see them live next time around and give their latest album,  À toi de voir, a listen. 

Visit their website at



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