Sound is Lovv: Shipwrecks (Album Review)

Sound is Lovv: Shipwrecks (Album Review)

Review by Rob Watts. Follow @RobWattsOnline

Shipwrecks, the debut e.p. by Los Angeles based band, Sound is Lovv, is a beautiful blend of Shoegaze and Noiserock—stirring lush tones and lo-Fi wavelengths to create a pleasing sounding collection of music. Atmospheric and well-produced, Shipwrecks flows quite well, not veering off the road too much in one direction over another. It’s more or less, your six-song soundtrack to daydreaming your way out of your stressful day. “And Don’t Believe” and “Take Me With You” are saturated with reverb and shimmery guitars, while the vocals exude quite well through the gazing backdrop of sounds. “Love FM” has some rather amazing hooks while the opening and closing tracks bookend the album with instrumentals. Former Smashing Pumpkins members, Mike Byrne and Nicole Fiorentino make an appearance on Shipwrecks as well. It’s a well-worth-the-time listen, especially if you’re into emerging acts with new material. I recommend them. Check out Shipwrecks here and give it a listen


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