My Peculiar Family: Crowdfunding Campaign 


“My Peculiar Family” Book Cover
My Peculiar Family: Crowdfunding Campaign 

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(August 2015

So I’d like to tell you about a new anthology project that’s in the works—I know, I know, another anthology, but hear me out and give it some consideration. Though I’m not a contributor to anthologies and I’m no fan of “anthology mill” publishers, I do feel strongly about what the good folks over at Sci-Fi Saturday Night have assembled for their debut publishing venture. 

A few years back, I was having lunch in downtown Providence, Rhode Island with a couple of authors and the cast of Sci-Fi Saturday Night during a break at a local convention. Dome, SFSN’s host and founder, began talking about a project about a group of authors each taking a photo from a recently discovered tintype of vintage photographs, and writing a unique story about that person. It sounded interesting but several months went by until the project was mentioned again, this time while in the early stages of production. Though I had no expectations of any involvement, I was thrilled to be invited to contribute a story for the anthology. 

The unique angle for the story lines was that each author received one of the many photos discovered in Dome’s in-laws attic. The author was given only a photo, a name of that person and an occupation. Although the parameters set for the author were sometimes limiting, it really is an author’s dream to be assigned a project that requires them to stretch their imaginations a bit further. I was up for that challenge and happily submitted a story for this particular anthology project. 

But I’m not really here to discuss my involvement as a contributing author so much as I am here to ask for your generosity. As many of you are aware, I’ve had a good relationship with Sci-Fi Saturday Night over the years. They were the first podcast to put me on the air, they’ve given me a lot of exposure to a new fanbase and they’ve just been all around good friends, both on and off the air. This is a passion project of theirs, but unfortunately (as many of us know) passion projects cost money. I can tell you first-hand that a lot of their time and energy went into this project up until this point. For a small group of pod casters who had zero knowledge of how to launch a publishing project, it’s very impressive how they’ve orchestrated this project thus far. 

The Kickstarter campaign is set to end in less than two weeks. There are many great incentives to donating to the project, even for as little as $7.00.  Every dollar contributed goes directly to the production of the anthology and to the authors who have contributed. Many talented authors such as Christopher Golden, James A. Moore, Stacey Longo, Jason J. Mooers, Robert Mayette,William Meikle, F. Allen Farnham, Samantha Boyette, Tracy Hickman, et cetera have contributed their time and talents to this anthology. I can say with 100 percent honesty that this is a crowdfunding campaign worth asking for your generous donations. I can’t say that about many other crowdfunding campaigns or mass-author anthologies. Please take a moment to visit the Kickstarter Page for the project, tell your friends and share this on social media. Help keep indie art alive and growing

Visit Sci-Fi Saturday Night’s Website


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