Shame on these Price Gougers on Amazon! 


As much as it flatters me that these sellers on Amazon believe that my 76 page novella CRABAPPLES is worth $999.00 (or even $54.95), I will tell you that it’s worth exactly what I had charged readers when it was in print, which was $15.00. As this was the second volume in a three-volume book series, I can tell you that the story CRABAPPLES is available in its entirety (along with extended chapters and additional story lines) in the full-length novel The Crooked Roads through Cedar Grove. The novel is available in hardcover for $23.99 at my website and on Kindle for $2.99.  Unless you just have to own CRABAPPLES in the print edition, I’d urge you to get the story from the new novel, where the money will go directly to me (an indie author) and not a greedy seller from an online marketplace whose out to rip you off! Thanks for reading!

  Rob, The Author

The Crooked Roads through Cedar Grove w/ CD Soundtrack and 5″ Vinyl Record

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